We’re Ready for You!

It’s been a strange year! We did host a few guests in 2020 and now wait to see what 2021 hold in terms of bookings.

I see that I have not posted in quite a while so here is an update!

The main event  in 2020 saw the introduction of our chickens who provide really fresh eggs for our guests. Brenda, Barbara, Beryl. Polly, Olive, Primrose and Iris are currently in their own government imposed lock down, due to an out break of Avian flu in the UK, but I hope you will see them pottering about the garden again soon. We did experiment with a cockerel, the magnificent Jock, but he proved a little too good at guarding his ladies and has moved on to thirteen girls near Portree, where he continues to be handsome and a real gent with the hens.

Our cleaning protocols have had to change and so we are leaving 24 hours between bookings in order to make sure all the extra steps we have to take are in place. I am happy to run through them with you if you are interested, but won’t bore you here… you are thinking about holidays not housework! They are in accordance with The Association of Scottish Self Caterers and Airbnb standards. For guests we currently have to ask that you strip the beds of linen and out the bins out, but that is all that is required of you under the new guidelines. Hopefully this will change soon.

Outside we have installed a bench and a picnic table, and you now have your own dustbins so that guests no longer have to try and squeeze their rubbish in with ours.

There, a wee update, to let you know how we are. We hope to see you here again very soon.

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