We have started to advertise on Airbnb so that we don’t miss out on summer booking. The press last year had a field day with stories about the island being full during the summer and  therefore people may not try booking late. The decorating is done and we are in the process of laying the floor, finishing off the plumbing and electrics, and then we will be putting the furnishings in. The next really big job is the building on the back of the bothy will need to be taken down… it’s really ugly and leaks!

The landscaping is coming along. Grass still needs to be planted but the fencing has arrived, ready to be erected. It’s all go but it’s looking good!


My First!

If ever there was a reason to come to Skye then this could be it…

I have never seen the aurora before and my first was pretty spectacular. We can’t see the lights from the bothy but a short trip in the car to Broadford is all it takes.

First Booking

We have taken our first booking despite not being finished. The bonus is that it’s from customer for Penny’s photography business!

In other news all the ‘stuff’ for the bothy decor has started to arrive, the wood burner is in and decoration is starting. The plumbing is almost finished too.

It’s starting to feel cosy with the fire on and we can really envisage how it might look now.